International Association of Privacy Professionals

Trevor Hughes

Trevor Hughes

The IAPP is the largest association of privacy professionals in the world.

IAPP members work in the emerging field of information privacy law. The IAPP serves members through a broad range of programs and products, including conference, publications, certifications, and networking events. Because the field of privacy is growing rapidly, the IAPP projects significant membership growth in the next decade.


Maine Law alum Trevor Hughes is President and CEO of the IAPP. Through his leadership, the commitment to Maine Law, the Center for Law & Innovation has developed a unique program in privacy career training in partnership with the IAPP. Among the opportunities available to Maine Law students is an annual course in information privacy law (often taught or co-taught by Trevor himself); an externship or internship with a corporation or non-profit group focusing on privacy issues; and an opportunity to become a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) through the IAPP. The Center also hosts a summer institute and a summer conference on information privacy and security, all in partnership with IAPP.

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